SEAL Academy

SEAL Academy Experience

Only for the few...the proud...the VC faculty.  This selective program is designed as an intensive professional development program to assist faculty to fully implement active learning strategies in their courses through a course transformation process.

SEAL Academy is a multi-faceted program with a small cohort of faculty that collaborate and provide a forum for authentic conversation that is encouraging and challenging. This year-long program consists of three phases:

  • Phase 1

  • Phase 2

  • Phase 3

The entire experience will culminate in a comprehensive peer review of the transformed course, including a reflective summary. This review and summary concludes the Academy and earns participants a SEAL Instructor designation in the course schedule as well as a stipend. 

  • SEAL Team 1

  • SEAL Teams 2 & 3

  • SEAL Team 4

  • SEAL Team 5